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Featured Product: Form Designer

(Now known as FormsCenter)

June 25, 2015

Category: General

Do use paper forms to capture information that then needs to be entered into your system? Do you rely heavily on Excel to analyze disparate information that is critical to running your business? If so, Form Designer could dramatically improve your efficiency. Form Designer (now known as FormsCenter) is an electronic form creation tool that allows you to design the layout, the type of field, and the information you’d like to collect through simple drag and drop technology.

You can create a data capture form from scratch or match fields to an existing paper form you use. Scan a paper form as a background image and create a template that overlays it, allowing you to print typed data directly onto the sheet. Then, you can easily pre-populate forms that still need to be printed as part of your operations. Adding in a barcode or using our Autofiling templates means that when the forms come back, they will automatically be linked to the appropriate patient files.

Form Designer helps you to:

  • Standardize data capture across your business
  • Defend against missing data through mandatory fields
  • Minimize data capture errors Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Create custom reports based on more robust data
  • Import 3rd party data and map directly to your database
  • Perform more complex analysis than ever before
  • Reduce cost of paper and managing paper

Whether your forms are nestled inside of your MedFORCE Scan or WorkFLOW or available for third parties to complete on a website, you can design them any way you want to capture necessary information directly into your MedFORCE system.

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