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AR Success Depends on...

AR Success Depends on How Your Work is Prioritized 

June 28, 2017

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Take the Guesswork Out of Success

A large part of  success in Accounts Receivable is the way you prioritize work. Modern and successful AR teams don’t divide work by absolutes – by alphabet or even by payer. Prioritization needs to be a balance of effort, potential payoff/revenue, and the probability of actually collecting. Then you have to layer on different pay rates for different people, skill sets, and time.
It’s a complex algorithm.

The Accounts Receivable Management App is a turnkey workflow solution that takes the guesswork out of success. Items are prioritized based on strategic priority that leadership sets, balancing many factors at once. Your AR team comes in and immediately can get to work on the items that will return the best results for the company - and your bottom line.

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