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Common ADR, ADMC, and PA fax challenges solved with esMD

Fixing CMS submission challenges is as easy as ABC

May 25, 2017

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Two of the most common challenges in submitting documentation to CMS contractors are caused by fax challenges:

  • Contractor does not receive a fax
  • Pages are missing from the fax transmission

When faxing ADMC or Prior Auth documentation, even though the provider will have a confirmation from their fax service or fax machine that the fax was sent, the contractor will have no record of receiving it. There is no proof of what was sent through the fax service, so the provider has nothing to fall back on. Contractor advice for alleviating this common challenge is to try to fax during off-peak hours (before 10am or after 3pm), but this work-around isn’t a viable solution for most providers.

Even if the contractor does receive the fax, occasionally pages are missing. The provider, again, may have a confirmation that states the number of pages that were submitted, but fewer pages were received and ultimately it is the responsibility of the provider to deliver a complete package.

While faxing persists as one of the most common forms of transmitting documentation that may contain PHI because of its HIPAA compliance, these above examples show that it’s not necessarily the most reliable. And when something doesn’t go right, it’s on the provider to rectify the situation, and deadlines don’t budge.

Enter esMD

Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation, or esMD, is more than just a recent addition to the alphabet soup of healthcare compliance. It’s the most reliable and efficient way to ensure that all of your documentation gets to the contractor on time and in full. 

Here are some of the many benefits of esMD:

  • Receive a transaction ID that is accepted as proof of receipt
  • Keep a centralized record of what was submitted, including proof of all pages
  • Submit 24/7 from your desktop – no off-peak hours required
  • Submit to various contractors (including RAC, MAC and UPIC) from a single portal

Put the accountability for lost pages onto the Review Contractor with proof of submission and receipt. End the black hole of faxing and submit your ADMC, PA and ADRs directly to CMS contractors through esMD.  

Learn more about ZipMit, Medforce’s esMD solution, by clicking here.




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