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Does BPM improve employee satisfaction?

April 25, 2017

Category: General

No matter what your company does, employees are the foundation of your business. The better your hiring practices, the more likely you are to engage and retain top talent. That said, employee satisfaction has long been a conundrum that's confounded managers and business leaders. How do you create an environment that your employees actually enjoy coming to each day? What problems plague their daily processes, causing burnout that leads to expensive turnover?

The fact of the matter is that you can't improve employee satisfaction if you don't understand the problems. The first step toward boosting engagement is getting to the root of employees' frustrations. Through feedback surveys, interviews, and open conversations, you can learn a lot about what's holding down employee morale and hurting your bottom line. After all, disengaged employees are likely to be less productive, which could have an impact on your process flow, customer interactions, and day-to-day processes.

Fortunately, technology has come a long way, and many of the obstacles that used to plague staffers can now be remedied by way of automation and process simplification. The following are complaints commonly reported by employees, which contribute to lower morale and increased turnover:

  • Manual data entry
  • Siloed departments
  • Lack of transparency
  • Human error
  • Workflow stoppage when everything lands on a single person's desk
  • Disconnection between the work they do and the company's mission and vision
  • Lack of feedback

As you can see, there are potentially a ton of negatives standing over employees' shoulders every day. Outdated manual systems simply feed the negative fuel on this fire, contributing to decreased employee satisfaction and opening the doors for top talent to go elsewhere.

But, it doesn't have to be this way. Today's business process management (BPM) tools empower organizations to put meaning and ownership into their employees' hands. As noted by BusinessFinanceMag, "While it may not be a core driver of ROI, the influence that intuitive and collaborative budgeting technology can have on keeping good employees happy in their work is well worth a CFO's attention."

Here's a look at the enhancements that improved BPM can bring to employees’ work lives:

Removal of Manual Data Entry

The stress and monotony involved with manual data entry can be overwhelming. It also lends itself to plenty of opportunities for human error. With BPM tools, each department's managers simply enter applicable data into the software while the technology takes over calculations and reporting. This reduces the amount of stress on a single department. Many software products can also alert you of outliers, which could indicate errors in data entry.

Tearing Down Walls

Siloed departments lead to a lack of transparency and resentment among departments. With a BPM, authorized users can see what's going on in real time, without cutting through unnecessary red tape. This enhances communication and allows for more team-oriented work environments. BPMs also help prevent the bottlenecks that can occur when everything would otherwise be left on a single person's desk for signoff. Managers can simply sign into their modules, review and approve the numbers, and get the work moving along, alleviating stress from one single individual.

Building Bridges

When employees can't see the whole picture, they're disconnected. By enabling them to see how the whole process works, they'll be more connected to your vision and mission, thus more loyal and less likely to leave. BPMs also provide ample data, which can facilitate number-driven feedback, helping employees understand just how they impact business's bottom lines.

Things have come a long way in recent years in terms of employee satisfaction and engagement. As business leaders have learned more about the costs associated with turnover and poor morale, they've begun to make substantial changes to the way handle everyday business. In short, BPM absolutely can improve employee satisfaction. The question is, are you doing everything you can to identify bottlenecks and pain points so you can create an environment where your employees are happy to be?




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