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Easing Compliance for Home Health EVV Systems

January 31, 2017

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Home Health organizations have been a target of payer focus, ostensibly to minimize fraud. What we know from previous experience is that this type of regulatory attention results in heavier documentation burdens on providers and results in lower margins and a depleted bottom line. Not to mention the chaos that typically ensues as systems and processes must be changed.

We previously discussed how Medforce can help with Home Health Pre-Claim Review procedures. Now we’ve put together a solution that can help unburden providers from the strain of managing these new mandated EVV systems.

EVV stands for Electronic Visit Verification, and it’s how many states are requiring Care Providers to clock their time and in some cases, submit claims. However, the systems have proven cumbersome and inefficient.  

  • Without proper signal, time entries are either not recorded, or recorded incorrectly
  • Requires override by supervisor – a manual process that can expose a provider to error
  • The data does not automatically feed into payroll systems – and the export from the EVV can be overwhelming and disorganized
  • Every line item needs to be reviewed, corrected, coded and then formatted in a way that payroll systems can absorb to ensure the Care Provider is paid appropriately
  • Reconciliation between payroll and claim reimbursement is another hurdle to jump
  • Supervisors are buried under a pile of manual spreadsheets with hours of lost productivity trying to manage these new systems

Medforce can help. We have worked with clients to act as a hub that brings together EVV systems and payroll software. We take the time sheet data, format and consolidate it, and build in logic that incorporates straight time, overtime, and different pay rates by region or type of visit. We provide a workflow tool that enables supervisors to quickly review and modify the data as needed and then format the data into a file that is easily uploaded into your payroll system of choice.  

We can assist with easy reconciliation after as well. We can pull in your ERNs and compare to your payroll data, highlighting discrepancies and providing easy tools for denial management.

To learn more about how we can help your Home Health organization ease the burden of state-mandated EVV systems, schedule a meeting today using the form below. 




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