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How Does Workflow Automation Impact Your Bottom Line?

July 18, 2017

Category: General

Lean strategies. Best practices. Business Process Management. Workflow automation. You’ve heard the buzzwords, but how can these business models help you improve performance and reduce costs?

Many healthcare organizations are shifting to automated workflows designed to digitally replace antiquated paper-based administrative and clinical processes. They often find that implementing a workflow management system is one of the best decisions they’ve ever made.

After taking the plunge, these organizations have seen more efficient work, integrated systems and better processes. Organizations who embrace workflow automation can see big results in their bottom line.

For maximum business impact, workflow automation allows you to:

  • Improve upfront processes. Clean claims are always the goal and the best way to get there is to ensure you’re doing the work correctly in the first place. A system that can respond to payer changes in real time and mandates specific data gathering will dramatically reduce denial rates.
  • Remove non-value-added activities, such as unnecessary waiting or the overhead of following up.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and duplicate data entry, freeing up employee time for other activities and improving productivity.
  • Ensure strict time management by using alerts and escalations to not only keep you ahead of deadlines, but also set expectations/benchmarks for how long specific tasks should take.
  • Improve employee engagement by transferring tedious work from employees to software. This decreases the stress of working processes from memory or a written guidebook that may be out of date. Happier employees are more productive.
  • Ease employee management. Real time monitoring allows managers to balance workloads, identify issues before they become problems, and zero in on areas for improvement.
  • Encourage structured collaboration. Interruptions drive wasted productivity. With a standardized and centralized system for collecting input and feedback in one spot, it’s easier to focus and maintain personal momentum.
  • Respond quicker. A workflow automation system simply makes you more nimble across the board. You’re able to easily and quickly respond to audit inquiries, maintain compliance, and reduce the costly back-and-forth, question-and-answer process.
  • Improve reputation. The more organized and responsive you are, the better your referral partners will perceive you -- which can affect your new revenue pipeline.

Companies that automate workflows create success across their entire organization. They are leaner and much more responsive, which translates into reduced costs and higher profitability.

Be progressive. Be competitive. Don’t be afraid to move deeper into the digital world. When you see more productive staff, happier patients, streamlined costs, and rising revenues, you’ll be glad you did.




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