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How Workflow Automation Can Build a Growth Framework

January 30, 2017

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Has your medical enterprise reached a plateau? Have you achieved the limit in the amount of productivity your staff can handle? Are you truly, completely satisfied? What if your revenues could grow without adding staff or enlarging your facility, would you take the necessary steps? If your answers were yes you need to investigate the benefits of workflow automation.

Workflow automation is all about taking those low-value, standardized tasks and letting your business process management software perform them instead of your intelligent employees. Things such as data entry from hand-filled forms, report compilation, regulatory compliance adherence , claims tracking, AR management, HR tasks and much more can be accomplished with technology. How can automating processes do more than simply relieve staff of mind-numbing tasks and actually grow your business?

Automation frees up skilled labor and boosts productivity.

Every department of a healthcare organization has repetitive processes that get handled manually. When highly paid employees must spend time doing menial tasks such as re-entering data already collected at intake or having to physically hand documents over to coworkers for collaboration or sorting through department tracking sheets to extract information for comprehensive reports, for example, they have less time to spend performing the activities that earn revenue. But when your data can populate documents electronically across departments so it never needs to be re-entered, those skilled people have time to take on more patients, distribute more product, or crunch more numbers in a given period of time. Administratively, your back office can enjoy a level of efficiency scarcely possible without workflow automation.

Automation reduces operational costs, which can convert to product or marketing improvement.

In the same vein, by reducing time spent on work that can easily be handled by your software, you can re-assign personnel to areas that would better benefit your bottom line -- or, you could even leave open positions unfilled. Also, when your documents are created, processed and stored electronically with all requisite data security, you can spend considerably less on the machines, supplies, manpower and storage space devoted to paper systems.

Automation reduces human error

Mistakes cost money. Not only do you have to deal with the lost revenue stemming from a mistake (like a denied claim), but you have to spend the additional labor costs to correct it. For instance, patients with questionable handwriting filling out paper registration forms often lead to errors in the paper file. These mistakes can end up as denied claims. However, if patients were to register themselves at a check-in kiosk or on a tablet, transcription errors can be greatly reduced. Plus, now patient demographics can be embedded in their permanent file without any further data entry.

Automation can improve your reputation

When payers receive accurate claim information regularly, they see your heallthcare organization in a positive light. Patients who never suffer the negative contact from you because of claims that should have been paid have greater confidence in your practice. Similarly, in the process of referring HME companies, accurate and organized information helps elevate your company in the eyes of your potential referral partners.

Better reputation equals repeat business.

Once established as an organization that seldom makes those basic, avoidable errors, your patients or clients will tend to return. Moreover, happy patients, clients, physicians and third-party healthcare providers are likely to refer new business to you, as well.

Workflow automation stands to help your healthcare organization revenues grow as you cut operational costs. By eliminating human mistakes, paring staff, taking on more patients or clients and applying financial savings towards effective marketing, distribution or product development, you establish a solid growth framework.




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