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Seven Advantages to Cloud or Hosted BPM Software

January 20, 2017

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Most professionals involved in information technology within healthcare organizations agree that addressing and improving BPM pays dividends. For organizations or companies transitioning their BPM processes, many must decide whether to implement a server-based local platform for new applications, or to embrace the cloud and a hosted SaaS solution.

While some very large, enterprise-class healthcare organizations may fare best with in-house data centers, for most organizations with tighter budgets, cloud-based applications offer benefits otherwise lost to them. Here are seven great reasons you should consider a hosted BPM provider.

1. Data Centrally Accessible for Interoperability

At the core of any SaaS application is the ability to centralize all of your business data. Doing so makes it accessible and available for any use across the enterprise and even integrate with outsourced providers' or referral partners' systems. Data that's collected and input can then populate any incorporated form, fill in analytics charts, be tracked through set processes, and more. It also can be modified anywhere by authorized staff without manually recalculating reports.

2. Automatic Data Backup

Continuing to use older IT infrastructure often means you must manually back up data on a regular basis. Any server crash can devastate your business operations if the data isn't captured frequently. However, with automatic data backup as part of your hosted cloud service, your organization suffers little or no disruption while current data is saved throughout the work day. You enjoy the freedom to devote time and energy to tasks that actively promote your strategic business objectives instead.

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3. Disaster Recovery

With hosted services, disaster recovery is built into the application. Because data is distributed, if one system fails, the data can be retrieved from other servers. By renting server space from the giant data center providers, your IT partner ensures that even natural disasters at a data center won't mean loss of service or data to you.

4. No On-Premise Hardware to Maintain and Replace

When providing your own servers, you'll still face the inevitable aging and occasional break down events. With a hosting provider, you'll never worry about expensive troubleshooting and repairs again. Nor will you fund new servers. With the data centers handling all the hardware infrastructure, the cost savings alone can render hosted BPM well worth the effort.

5. Virtually No Down Time

Because your service partner will provide the infrastructure and its maintenance, you'll enjoy consistent uptime. Although some application maintenance must happen from time to time, it can occur during hours that won't interfere with your operations. Many providers plan maintenance tasks for late night. Your IT staff need not burn any midnight oil to keep your BPM product fresh and resilient.

6. No Storage or User Limits

As on-site machines reach the boundaries of usage and storage, you'll need to add capacity. Additional machines take up more office or plant space and require more resources to advance with your organization. But with hosted services, you receive all the storage and performance you need, when you need it, without purchasing more machines or supporting them under your own roof.

7. Encryption for Ultimate HIPAA/HITECH Compliance

Regulatory compliance, once a major concern for cloud computing, is made simple with strong end-to-end encryption. Since data security carries a sizeable price tag for any enterprise using in-house security staff, off-loading that expense while gaining highly secure encryption with a hosted provider will increase your ROI.

As healthcare organizations discover that legacy systems can't keep up with (much less maintain a lead over) the changing healthcare industry, they're turning to hosted BPM services for the answer. Cloud-based SaaS offers all the benefits for smaller operations without the substantial capital outlays necessary for on-premise solutions.




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