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Why Healthcare Organizations Benefit from eFax Solutions

May 09, 2017

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Did you know that over 85% of the mistakes made in the medical industry stem from administrative errors? It’s particularly troubling for patient-facing organizations, where miscommunication when transitioning patients accounts for roughly 80% of medical errors. Communication and good administrative protocol are integral to customer success and patient care -- especially in faxing.

In many industries, these advances have meant moving away from faxing altogether in favor of other electronic options. Healthcare, however, is reticent to eliminate faxing from the administrative process due to its classification as a HIPAA compliant form of communication. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick with a antiquated and inefficient web of physical fax machines. Healthcare providers often need to partner with other organizations, and eFax solutions become an excellent advantage to facilitate engagement and streamline business practices.

The Benefits of eFax Solutions

Using eFax solutions means that your organization can stay compliant, optimize communications, and improve employee performance. Here are just a few benefits to using eFax solutions rather than trying incorporate antiquated faxing protocol with your other administrative systems:

  • HIPAA Compliance. For your healthcare organization, it's important to use fax servers so that all communications maintain compliance with the current HIPAA regulations.
  • Consolidated Records. The solution should allow you to track documents so that any electronic transmission can be monitored and easily organized from start to completed task.
  • Streamline Tasks. eFax solutions allow you to streamline the repetitive tasks that were often part and parcel of traditional faxing, such as standing over the machine, checking the transmission, and repeating the process due to busy lines or unsent documents (some fax solutions offer “never busy technology” that helps faxes come through even in disaster situations). Features like automated cover letters help administrators enjoy greater efficiency, while organization is easier since everything starts and ends in electronic files.
  • Convenient for Employees. Employee satisfaction is key in reducing employee turnover rates. While there are many factors in maintaining employee morale, making their work process easier means that they are better able to handle busy schedules without the frustrations of dealing with antiquated processes. No more remembering to check if something is sent or received.
  • Analytic Capabilities. This solution allows for the collection and implementation of analytics with greater ease. Your data can be more efficiently analyzed, providing better solutions in every department.
  • Integrated Capabilities. Your staff will be able to access and send documentation from preferred devices, offering greater flexibility without sacrificing safety. This also allows documentation to be sent to identified printers for hard copies when necessary.

It's clear that faxing will remain a fundamental part of the administrative process for your organization for the foreseeable future. With eFax solutions, you can better integrate your own administrative functions with parties you need to communicate with, while still using the technological advances that are quickly becoming imperative in the healthcare industry.




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