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How Large Enterprises can Streamline BPM

May 30, 2017

Category: General

Business process management is an important component of success for today's healthcare organizations. Over the past few years, the industry has gone through major changes. The regulatory changes and focus on the patient as the healthcare consumer will remain part of the landscape in healthcare for the foreseeable future. For larger enterprises, understanding these changes is especially important, as one mistake can multiply across hundreds or even thousands of users. A concise BPM protocol can help your organization best use the massive data at your disposal to improve outcomes for individual patients and the overall productivity of your staff.

Your business process management can improve performance in a number of areas, including claims processing and analyzing the data your current EHR system gathers. When considering BPM solutions for your organization, there are a number of facets to keep in mind.

Considerations for BPM in Your Healthcare Organization

In order to be successful, your BPM should offer cohesive protocol for staff to follow. Regardless of the size of your operations, your organization can benefit from processes that are easy to understand and deploy. Here is what you'll want to keep in mind when looking to streamline BPM for larger enterprises:

  • User Management. The BPM solution you choose should offer optimal user management features. Your active directory of users is an important component in your productivity. Everything your organization does is recorded digitally, so it's important that the system you invest in has easy and effective ways to manage and track user tasks.
  • Interoperability. Your healthcare organization likely uses a number of different software solutions. Not only that, you likely correspond with other partners and entities using separate processes. It's imperative that your BPM solution offers flexibility in the ability to import and export different types of data, as well as an easy means to format files from a wide array of different applications.
  • Disaster Recovery. It's important that your BPM solution offers backup and recovery that's foolproof. Healthcare records need to be maintained and safeguarded at the highest level possible. Keep the recovery solutions and security concerns a priority when considering new vendors or services.
  • Load Testing. When deciding on an upgrade to your BPM solution, make sure any new firm conducts load testing so that you're fully aware of the functionality, no matter what kinds of stress hits the system. Load testing will give you a good indication of the system's performance under any condition.

For many healthcare organizations, adding BPM to their protocol has been necessary. It's important to honestly evaluate the productivity of the current system to see where the problem areas are. If you are looking to upgrade to a new vendor or solution, make certain your new partner can guarantee the considerations that drive success for large enterprises, as well as offering good support and easy usability.




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