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Reflections from Heartland 2017

June 30, 2017

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We had a great time at the VGM Heartland Conference in Waterloo, IA earlier this month. We saw long time custmers and friends, and we were happy to meet new folks as well. When we sat down with the team who was on-site, they highlighted the top three topics that were the buzz at our booth. 

  1. Electronic signature. The vast majority of HME and related businesses are paperless in their billing and claims department. Yet when signatures are needed on CMNs, audits, delivery tickets and other documentation, most often they fire up the printer and produce paper. Then, the signed documents get scanned back into the system. Electronic signature is gaining steam in HME to keep the paperless office truly paperless. We were happy to show everyone our SignCenter product built specifically to address the signature needs of healthcare providers. 
  2. Going paperless across the entire organization. As mentioned above, most HME companies are champions of the paperless office... in some departments. We were excited to talk with attendees about how you can expand document management and workflow automation outside of billing and claims. We help clients develop paperless processes from top to bottom. We work in referral management and intake to streamline efforts, speed up order turnaround, and improve overall accuracy. We work with procurement and accounts payable to improve vendor management and supply chain. We've even helped companies set up paperless systems for closet orders. And with our e-signature tool as well as our integrations with ResMed and delivery management tools such as FleetTraks and Apachetta, we are enabling paperless processes all the way to patient homes. 
  3. Improving revenue cycle management with a focus on Accounts Receivable. While denials, underpayments and overpayments are unavoidable - how you handle them is truly the marker of how it will impact your bottom line. We asked people in the booth: Imagine if you can reduce your write-offs by 1 or 2% - What would that mean for your bottom line? And everyone's eyes lit up and wanted to know more. Most people know that producing clean claims up front is the best way to avoid denials. But that's not the end of the story. There will always be factors out of your control that affect invoice payment, and your AR plays a huge role in the profitability of your company. We were excited to show everyone our AR Management App that sheds new light and gives you greater control over your pipeline. 

If any of the above topics resonate with you, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, we'd love to talk.




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