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Turn your Billing Department into a Profit Center: 8 Ways to Eliminate Inefficiency in Accounts Receivable

Your AR Department’s Mission Should Be to Make Money

Your Accounts Receivable team is working to make sure the money for invoices produced is actually collected, whether from private payers, Medicare, Medicaid or self-pay, and they also ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. But there is a lot of work that goes into following up, repealing denials, and collections efforts.

7 Essential Tools to Ease Compliance in Home Health

Technologies that Improve Accuracy, Save Time, and Reduce Risk

Home Health agencies provide critical services that are medically effective for patient health, emotionally effective for patient wellbeing, and ultimately fiscally effective for the overall cost burden on the healthcare system.  Studies have proven this time and time again. Yet Home Health agencies (HHAs) are also a focus of mounting investigation from CMS and state governments for potential fraud.

Technology is essential to help home health providers do more with less. The right tools enable best practices, improve accuracy, strengthen cash flow, and assure compliance.

5 Ways E-Signature is Invaluable in Healthcare

In healthcare, prompt signatures are important for compliance in patient care, billing, audits, and general operations. In this white paper, we discuss the reasons why e-Signature is different for Healthcare industry and the challenges of gathering signatures in operational processes and layered workflows. We outline the benefits of having a signature capture program that maintains digital continuity and helps you manage the entire signature lifecycle.

Automating Accounts Payable

Most accounting software does not have a document imaging component. Healthcare providers manage many dozens of vendors – multiply that by contracts, purchase orders, packing slips, invoices and AP can quickly become a department drowning in paper. Learn how going paperless and using workflow automation can help minimize cost, increase visibility, and improve accuracy and control.

White Paper: Faxing, a Healthcare Disaster

10 Ways Faxing is Holding Back Your Business
Faxing is one of the most common forms of communication in healthcare, and also the area that is often most rife with inefficiencies and manual processes. Because of its perceived security, faxing endures in the healthcare industry even though many other industries consider it antiquated technology. The vast majority of healthcare companies use faxing to send and receive critical documentation on a daily basis. But are you putting your organization at risk?

This white paper outlines the Top 10 Ways Faxing is Holding Back Your Business. It will shed light on the hidden areas of lost productivity and potential risk in your healthcare business.

5 Tips to Improve Referral Management

With margins shrinking, retaining new business is as important as ever and every referral counts. Use our 5 tips to frame how you approach referral management in your healthcare organization for long-lasting success.

Engaging Technology

by Esther Apter for HME Business.

Are you falling short in how you can leverage IT to revitalize your business?

Optimizing Fax Handling

Steve Bainnson, VP Sales

Still an everyday reality of healthcare, facsimiles can be mishandled by even the most efficient provider. Is efaxing enough to fix the problem?

Winning the Audit Appeal Game by HME Business

Medforce CEO Esther Apter heavily cited as expert on Audits and Appeals

esMD: Your Secret Weapon

by Ellen Sluder for HME Business

CMS’s program offers an electronic edge in document requests

Dashboard Essentials

Medforce CEO Esther Apter heavily cited as expert on Health IT Dashboards


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