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What to Look for in Denial Management Software

May 16, 2017

Category: General

Healthcare organizations can reduce and even eliminate denials by implementing denial management software. Learn the capabilities of this software in our post.

Improving Data Sharing Between Acute and Post-Acute providers

May 12, 2017

Category: News

Medforce is participating in a new initiative that will help acute and post-acute providers improve documentation sharing and interoperability. 

Why Healthcare Organizations Benefit from eFax Solutions

May 09, 2017

Category: General

Healthcare providers often need to partner with other organizations, and eFax solutions become an excellent advantage to streamline business practices.

Nathan Apter, Medforce Technologies CTO, joins Cross-Specialty Innovation Messaging Taskforce to work on Secure Exchange Solutions.

May 02, 2017

Category: News

New Cross-Specialty Taskforce to Tackle the Next Level in Interoperability for Provider-Payer Exchanges.

How BPM is like Google Earth

April 25, 2017

Category: General

When we were putting together the content for our webinar “BPM 101 – the Basics of Workflow Automation,” an interesting analogy came up between Business Process Management and Google Earth.  Although it didn’t make it into the live presentation, it felt worth repeating. 

Does BPM improve employee satisfaction?

April 25, 2017

Category: General

Employee satisfaction has long been a conundrum that's confounded managers and business leaders. How do you create an environment that your employees enjoy?

Automation: Gain greater visibility

April 24, 2017

Category: News

Medforce VP of Marketing, Ellen Sluder, completes her fourth installment in her HME News Smart Talk Series on Automation. 

The Two Things an AR Employee Needs

April 19, 2017

Category: General

Two weeks ago, we reviewed what an AR Manager needs to be successful. But what about the staff that is doing the daily work? What do they need to be as successful as possible?

It all comes down to two thing. Read on to learn more. 

Why Your Current Worklist Might Not be True BPM

April 18, 2017

Category: General

Many healthcare organizations assume that implementing a worklist will get the job done. In reality, it is far less effective than an optimized BPM approach.

Musings from MHA Business Summit

April 17, 2017

Category: General

At the end of March, we attended the MHA Business Summit for the 3rd year. Focused on LTC, specialty and infusion pharmacy, MHA is known as a tremendous resource for companies small and large who are trying to work smarter, improve patient care, and be more successful.

When our team returned from the show, they related several themes that rose to the top with their conversations with pharmacy providers. 

Webinar: BPM 101 – The Basics of Workflow Automation

April 12, 2017

Category: News

In this webinar, we covered the underlining elements of Business Process Management.

How to Successfully Implement New Administrative Processes

April 11, 2017

Category: General

Implementing new administrative processes can be challenging, but the efficiency gains and company-wide improvements are worth working toward. 



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