Watch and learn how thoughtful process and document management can improve your productivity and have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

Medforce Overview Video

Medforce is a leading provider of document management and process management solutions within the healthcare industry. The company helps clients uncover more time and money to power their missions by reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving cash flow. Since 2002, Medforce has been a pioneer bringing together people, processes and data to streamline and automate operational activities, ensuring repetitive tasks are completed and managed in a consistent, visible and optimal manner. Learn more about Medforce in this one-minute overview video.

It's Time for a Fax Revolution in Healthcare

Whether you use fax to receive referrals, orders, reimbursement or other mission-critical documents, you need a centralized resource to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Email programs just weren’t designed to provide the level of fax oversight you need to keep your business running efficiently.

Watch this 60 second video and learn how to create a streamlined, consistent fax management process.

Remit Center Revenue Cycle Management

Denial management tool for Healthcare Business Administration - RemitCenter gives you the insight and functionality you need to fully work a claim with all needed documentation just a click away.

Learn more in this brief explainer video.

ZipMit Overview

Medforce ZipMit ends the audit headache by allowing you to electronically submit Medicare-related documentation for audits, prior authorizations, and appeals. With ZipMit, you have a direct portal to transmit your documents to review contractors swiftly and safely from your desk.

Learn more in this brief explainer video.


E-Signature in Healthcare - Completing the Paperless Office

In healthcare, prompt signatures are important for compliance in patient care, billing, audits, and general operations. In this presentation, we highlight the unique characteristics and challenges of gathering signatures in healthcare. We outline the benefits of having a signature capture program that maintains digital continuity and helps you manage the entire signature lifecycle.

SignCenter Overview

SignCenter is a HIPAA-compliant, web-based electronic signature and data capture tool built specifically for healthcare by a healthcare technology firm. Signers can mark and sign documents using a keyboard, mouse or touch screen, from any web-enabled device. Learn more in this brief explainer video.

BPM 101 – The Basics of Workflow Automation

BPM for Beginners - learn how workflow automation can increase your company's productivity and profitability. In this presentation, we cover the foundational elements of BPM. From defining what exactly it is to guiding you through the process of mapping and optimizing your first process, we give you the primary tools you need to gain more visibility and control – and improve your bottom line.

How to Create an Efficient Fax Management Process

Faxing is an enduring mode of communication in healthcare, but there is a lot of room for improvement. In this presentation, we cover the top ways faxing is holding back your business and new ways to create a streamlined, consistent fax management process.

Business Process Management (BPM) in Healthcare Explained

In under 5 minutes, we explain the fundamentals of business process management (BPM), describe how technology is used to underpin and automate your operations, and how BPM can be effective in helping healthcare organizations thrive. If you need visibility, accountability and scalability, you need BPM.

Improve Visibility and Control in Accounts Receivable

Tips on how to ensure your AR team is working efficiently and effectively. In this presentation, we examine the challenges of minimizing effort and maximizing productivity in your Accounts Receivable department. We examine opportunities for improving how work gets done from both a manager and an employee perspective.

8 Reasons to Go Paperless in Accounts Payable

Most accounting software does not have a document imaging component. Healthcare providers manage many dozens of vendors – multiply that by contracts, purchase orders, packing slips, invoices and AP can quickly become a department drowning in paper. Learn how going paperless in AP can improve productivity and profitability.

ContentCenter Overview

Medforce ContentCenter is a secure, feature-rich electronic filing and content management program that increases efficiency and employee effectiveness. Improve collaboration across your entire organization with a central resource that provides instant access to vital information and keeps everyone on the same page. Learn more in this brief explainer video.

Priority Management for Healthcare Operations

Strategic prioritization in healthcare can be a complex web comprised of time, money, and alignment with company goals. Learn the four main steps on how to identify, communicate, monitor and refine a priority management system to ensure greater productivity and improve your bottom line.

CommandCenter Overview

Medforce CommandCenter empowers you to build the most efficient organization possible. Our business process management (BPM) tools enable you to easily perform work based on strategic priority, returning more dollars for your effort. Learn more in this brief explainer video.

5 Tips to Improve Referral Management

With margins shrinking, retaining new business is as important as ever and every referral counts. Responding quickly to referral sources is critical, yet most referral management processes rely heavily on manual follow up which is vulnerable to human error. Opportunities fall through the cracks and revenue can be lost. In this presentation, we address five areas for improvement in managing referrals and capturing new revenue. We also do a brief demonstration of Medforce’s Referral Management App and answer some questions.

FormsCenter Overview

Medforce FormsCenter allows you to standardize data capture through custom form design. Replace your business forms with electronic forms, improve collaboration among team members, and ensure consistent information sharing. Save time, increase accuracy, and improve productivity. Learn more in this brief explainer video.

How to Map a Process

Watch this step by step guide to mapping your operations. Learn the best methods for capturing the necessary steps and removing operational waste, while engaging your employees to make long-lasting, successful improvements.

Faster Payments through CMS’s esMD

In 2011, CMS introduced electronic submission of Medical Documentation (esMD) and has been growing the list of approved use cases ever since. Medforce was one of the first CMS-approved Health Information Handlers (HIH). In this webinar, we join forces with CMS to explain the origins and vision for esMD and demonstrate just how easy our ZipMit esMD product is to use.

Improving Overpayment and Refund Management

Overpayments and refunds are some of the most painful things to handle in a business. You already have put in the effort to provide the service or product, take care of the paperwork and claim, and process the payment. Now you must put in additional effort to actually give money back. In this presentation, we unpack the challenges of managing overpayments and discuss how automation can keep your costs controlled.

Improving Employee Management with BPM

How can workflow automation and Business Process Management (BPM) improve your abilities as a manager? From HR and hiring, to daily work distribution, to minimizing the impact of employee turnover, learn how BPM is an effective tool in improving morale and keeping productivity on track. Plus, we cover strategies for gaining employee buy-in. Stop leading based on gut or anecdote and get on the proven path to managerial success.

7 Ways to Automate Accounts Payable

The benefits of going paperless and improving efficiency aren’t just for intake and reimbursement. Most accounts payable processes are paper-intensive and time consuming, and it doesn’t have to be that way. By introducing automation to your AP process, you can reduce costs, improve accuracy, boost supplier relations, get better control of inventory, and gain a clearer view into cash flow and cash flow projections. In this presentation, we review 7 ways you can automate the AP process to improve productivity and profitability.

Faxing: a Healthcare Disaster

Faxing is one of the most common forms of communication in healthcare, and also the area that is often most rife with inefficiencies and manual processes. Many providers rely on subpar procedures to manage incoming faxes, endangering critical information and slowing down business. In this video, we cover the top 10 ways faxing is holding back your business and offer suggestions on how to improve your fax management.

Medforce Brand Movie

In fall 2015, Medforce rebranded. Our new identity aligns with our status as a leader in productivity software and solutions and builds a solid foundation for continued growth into the future. Learn more by watching our brand launch video.

Medforce Product Names

As part of our 2015 rebrand, we changed the names of our core products. Watch this one-minute video to learn about the naming transformation.

Mini-Webinar: Doc Imaging vs. Doc Management

Many people use the terms Document Imaging and Document Management interchangeably, but there are actually important differences. In less than 20 minutes, we’re going to walk you through a quick refresher on why going paperless is critical, and then explain your options and the criteria by which you should choose one type of solution over another.

Priority Management for Healthcare: A How-To Webinar

Priority can be a complex web comprised of some combination of time, money, and alignment with company goals. Attendees of this webinar will learn the four main steps on how to identify, communicate, monitor and refine a priority management system.


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